FoxBox Mini

Cost effective DUAL SIM Hardware SMS Gateway

FoxBox mini is an affordable hardware SMS gateway that packs all feature of mobile network communication platform into a 120x80x23mm rock solid state embedded linux appliance. Just connect it to your LAN network, and you’re ready to join the mobile world.

Powerfully small

It keeps a low profile without sacrificing functionality at a really affordable price!

foxbox mini plug and play

Plug & Play!

Easy and quick
1. Put inside a SIM card;
2. Plug LAN and power cord;
3. Count to 10"... GO!
foxbox mini plug and play


No need for a PC to use!
All you need to empower your business with SMS messaging is in this MINI server, it acts like a router and is accessible via any browser
foxbox mini plug and play

Cost effective

Unbeatable price!
FoxBox Mini® offers high-end features at an unbeatable price.
Designed and made in ITALY

FoxBox Mini Uses

FoxBox Mini opens your company to a whole new range of possibilities.

Convert email to SMS and vice-versa

All is needed is to configure a mailbox into the plugin and set the security PIN.

Automatic subscriptions

Create mobile services keyword based to allow your customers to join your mobile services.

2 SIM cards

MULTI SIM tech embedded in the device enables the management of 2 SIM and µ-SIM.

Fully Responsive

The modern web interface is designed for the best experience on any device, tablets, computers and smartphones.

Schedule Messages

Plan your SMS, send specifying date or at regular intervals.

API for interacting with ALL

The advanced webservices token based, with ACL control enables the control of all functions in the interface.

PlaySMS Integrated

Easily manage your FoxBox Mini trough a powerfull Web-based mobile portal.
FoxBox Mini is hardware and software designed to work together!

Hardware Specifications

FoxBox GT Rackable CPU


ARM9 @ 400Mhz on Atmel AT91SAM9G25 SoC
FoxBox GT Rackable RAM


FoxBox GT Rackable Storage


SanDisk industrial grade 8GB microSD
FoxBox GT Rackable CPU


1x USB 2.0, 1x LAN Eth., 1x SMA, 1, 1x 3 PIN toDB9 Serial and IoT ready with programmable GPIOs


FoxBox Mini machines are engineered by the most cutting-edge electronic knoweledge. Each machine is tested and inspected before the shipment.

FoxBox Mini is made in the European Union to ensure quality, and is suitable to work even in toughest temperature and humidity.
FoxBox Mini is a truly reliable solution!

foxbox mini section
  • 1Anodized Alluminium case;
  • 23 RGB status LED for signal and modem activity;
  • 32 industrial metal SIM holders;
  • 4Huawei Mu709-p2 or p6(asia and pacific on Mini-pcie bus;
  • 5Micro USB power connector allow you to use power bank for UPS;
  • 6Ethernet 100MB LAN RJ45 connector;
  • 7High Gain antenna LTE/3G;

The Mini-pcie bus will allow yow to switch to an updated modem module when future network will be released without the need to buy another complete hardware unit.

Get now your FoxBox Mini

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What do you get in the price?

  • FoxBox Mini hardware SMS gateway
  • Omnidirectional 3.5dBi GSM antenna
  • AC/DC Adaptor (input voltage: 100-240V)
  • 12-month warranty (optional extension to 36-months)
  • access to free software upgrades within warranty period
  • Access to all online tutorials and code samples

Special launch price!