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 +===== Bugfix: Exchange Server encoding problems =====
 +**Affected versions:** \\ 
 +All the FoxBox belonging to LX800 family.
 +**Description:​** \\ 
 +It has been noticed that recent versions of Microsoft Exchange Server create problems to EMAILtoSMS feature. This is due to usage of base64 encoding for emails, bad interpreted by our standard device. ​
 +**Solution:​** \\ 
 +To solve this problem, it is required to install the package //recode// with:
 +apt-get update
 +apt-get install recode
 +Then, add these new lines to// /​etc/​sms/​scripts/​email2sms //code:
 +cat >​$OUTFILE
 +recode /b64 $OUTFILE
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