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 +===== Software integration for Adobe Flash =====
 +In this guide we will apply the logic used for [[foxbox_api#​encoding_incoming_sms_with_xml|encoding incoming SMS with XML]] to the integration of an Adobe Flash website with our FoxBox.
 +\\ Nowadays a good amount of websites are using Flash, mainly because it offers the opportunity to create really nice interfaces with animations and user interaction. In this page we will create a simple Flash solution showing the last SMS received.
 +:id1: Remember to activate the XML module by removing the sharp character (i.e. ”#”) from the internal Eventhandler,​ near the call to the //sms2xml// script. Once done this, each time you will receive an SMS it will be stored inside of the file //​sms.xml//​.
 +From Flash, to load the file //sms.xml// we need to write a procedure using ActionScript:​
 +//Author: Roberto Corti
 +//Create new XML Object and set ignoreWhite true to ignore white spaces
 +messaggio = new XML();
 +messaggio.ignoreWhite = true;
 +//Load the XML file where your informations are stored
 +messaggio.onLoad = function (success) {
 +    if (success) {
 +        //If your XML Document is loaded successfully you can proceed with the for function
 +        for (var n = 0; n
 +            trace(n + ' ' + messaggio.firstChild.childNodes[n].firstChild.nodeValue);​
 +        }
 +    // You can display the nodeValue into the stage using variables
 +    from = messaggio.firstChild.childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;​
 +    msg = messaggio.firstChild.childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue;​
 +    }
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