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 +===== PRTG integration for SMS alerts =====
 +This article explains how to integrate a PRTG Network Monitor system with your FoxBox, in order to use it as an external SMS notification system. ​
 +=== #1: Installation on the FoxBox side ===
 +Your FoxBox is specifically designed for these kind of communication tasks, thus there is not much to do here except:
 +  * Providing a valid IP address, reachable from your monitoring server;
 +  * Inserting a tested and full working SIM card, to send the SMS.
 +=== #2: Installation on the Server side ===
 +From the PRTG web interface, select the menu //Setup// -> //System Administration//​ -> //​Notification Delivery Settings//. Here, inside of the section //SMS Delivery// you have to specify this custom URL:
 +:id1: The URL parameters are the same of [[foxbox_api#​http_get_post|HTTP Get/Post API]], except //nphone// and //testo// that will be automatically populated by the PRTG engine.
 +Once you have created this new notification channel, you need to enable the alerts for using it. Thus, from the menu //Setup// -> //Account Settings// -> //​Notifications//​ click on the //Add new notification//​ button.\\
 +Once you have properly set up the required fields, from the section //Send SMS/Pager Message// you will be able to define the recipient phone number.
 +:id1: As usual, the number has to be written with the international prefix, and without the "​+"​.
 +The configuration is now complete. You can check it using the //Test// button next to your new SMS notification,​ which will send a test message to the phone number you just entered.
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