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 +===== FoxBox LX800 restore procedure =====
 +This article explains the restore procedure for the Foxbox LX800 internal CompactFlash.
 +==== #0: Requirements ====
 +In order to follow this guide you need just:
 +  * a FoxBox LX800
 +  * a PC with Linux installed (here will be used an Ubuntu distribution);​
 +  * a card reader linked to your pc;
 +  * a Phillips (Cross) screwdriver.
 +==== #1: Reach the internal CompactFlash ====
 +With the screwdriver extract the four screws from the sides, and after having took off the electronic board, extract the CompactFlash. See this image for its position:
 +\\ {{http://​​lx800_CF_pos.jpg?​600x400}}
 +==== #2: Insert the CompactFlash into your card reader ====
 +Using a common Linux distribution,​ the single internal partition will be automatically mounted and shown. You can find it into your PC's filesystem inside of the folder// /media/ //.
 +==== #3: Backup your relevant data ====
 +:!: Below there is a list of most commonly saved files, anyway please remember to save all of your other custom configurations,​ changes to the GUI, etc.
 +To save the "​Address book", backup the file:
 +\\ // /​mnt/​flash/​root/​source/​gsmbox //
 +To save the "​Incoming SMS" list, backup the file:
 +\\ // /​mnt/​flash/​root/​source/​gsmin //
 +To save the "​Outgoing SMS" list, backup the file:
 +\\ // /​mnt/​flash/​root/​source/​gsmout //
 +To save the "Valid users" list, backup the file:
 +\\ // /​mnt/​flash/​root/​source/​useradmin/​users //
 +Obviously, after the restore you just need to copy back these files to the original folder.
 +==== #4: Start the software restore ====
 +:!: This step will restore the filesystems,​ formatting the partitions. ​
 +Contact us [[http://​​en/​contacts/​|here]] for further informations regarding this part of the procedure.
 +==== #4: Reinsert the CompactFlash ====
 +Just follow backwards the steps you made during phase 1 to reach the internal card.
 +==== #5: Your FoxBox is back! ====
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