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 +===== The SMS file format =====
 +This article illustrates how the FoxBox saves the SMS in a text file format, whose main components are:
 +  * Header: containing metadata used by the internal engine;
 +  * Body: the pure content of the message.
 +Outgoing and incoming SMS have a different internal structure. ​
 +\\ Regarding the first group, please consider the SMS below:
 +From: FoxBox
 +To: 390123456789
 +Alphabet: ISO
 +Hello World!
 +While this is an example for the second group:
 +From: 399876543210
 +From_SMSC: 39565258552585
 +Sent: 25-12-12 12:00:00
 +Received: 25-12-12 12:00:05
 +Subject: GSM1
 +Alphabet: ISO
 +Hello World!
 +Each header line has a particular meaning, here is a complete list of them:
 +^ Generic headers ^^
 +^ From | Sender ID, useful for internal logs and when customized sender is available |
 +^ To | Phone number of the receiver |
 +^ Flash | If set to YES, the message will automatically open on receiver'​s display (if supported by his mobile phone) [default: NO]|
 +^ Alphabet | Specify the character encoding used in the text [default: ISO LATIN ANSI]|
 +^ SMSC | Phone number of the outgoing SMSC |
 +^ Report | If set to YES, a status report is requested for the message [default: NO] |
 +^ Autosplit | Code defining how to split messages (just for text messages) [default: 0] |
 +^ Specific headers for incoming messages ^^
 +^ From | Phone number of the sender |
 +^ From_SMSC | Phone number of the outgoing SMSC|
 +^ Subject | Logical name of the modem that received the message [default: GSM1] |
 +^ Sent | Timestamp of when message was sent |
 +^ Received | Timestamp of when the message was received by the FoxBox|
 +:id1: All the phone numbers have to be specified in International Format, without the "​+"​.
 +:id1: The supported character sets are:
 +  * ISO LATIN ANSI: up to 160 characters, with autosplit;
 +  * GSM: up to 160 characters, with autosplit;
 +  * UCS: up to 70 characters, with autosplit;
 +  * BINARY: 8bit binary data, not suitable for text but for ringtones and data trasmission.
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