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 +===== Make a wakeup call after a sent message =====
 +This how-to explains how to set up your Foxbox to receive a miss-call everytime an SMS is sent.
 +To configure the device you just need to refer to two very known configuration files. ​
 +\\ The first thing is to modify the //​Eventhandler//,​ in order to launch the new procedure everytime an SMS is sent, adding these rows under 'if [ "​$1"​ = "​SENT"​ ]; then':
 +if [ "​$2"​ != "/​mnt/​flash/​spool/​sent/​dial.txt"​ ]; then
 +    echo "From: dialing"​ > /​mnt/​flash/​spool/​outgoing/​dial.txt
 +    echo "To: #​YOURNUM#"​ >> ​ /​mnt/​flash/​spool/​outgoing/​dial.txt
 +    echo "​Voicecall:​ true" >> ​ /​mnt/​flash/​spool/​outgoing/​dial.txt
 +    echo ""​ >> /​mnt/​flash/​spool/​outgoing/​dial.txt
 +    echo "TONE: 1,2" >> /​mnt/​flash/​spool/​outgoing/​dial.txt
 +where #YOURNUM# is the phone number to contact.
 +:id1: In this way the eventhandler will do the wakeup call for every message sent, if you are interested in the received ones just add this code under 'if [ "​$1"​ = "​SENT"​ ]; then'.
 +Now, the second and last configuration has to be done in the SMS engine. In order to activate this feature on the modem we will add this row to the "Modem properties":​
 +phonecalls = yes
 +The configuration is now complete! Everytime a message is sent, the mobile phone associated to #YOURNUM# will receive a wakeup call.
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