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Frequently Asked Questions

:!: Please read this section before writing to the Support Team. :!:

You can also find the content of this FAQ at the end of the Foxbox GT Manual, available here.

This FAQ has been built with known fixes and common questions asked to our Support Team.

#1: Software issues

  • Manage users login : connect the Web interface. in your Web browser, type yourIP/sqladmin (user : sqladmin, password : sqladmin), on the left click on user. Once you've accessed the user table, you can manage all the login for the Foxbox.
  • How do I know if my system is up-to-date ? Type the apt-get update command once your Foxbox is connected to the internet.
  • To access and edit the eventhandler, in the terminal, type the commands below (where X is the number of the GSM modem) :
cd /etc/sms/scripts
nano eventhandlerX
  • Rembember that Foxbox is a Linux system, if you are going to edit files under Windows, be sure that you can save them using LF instead of Windows standard CRLF end of the line.
  • If SMS engine doesn’t start, you have a syntax error in the config file /etc/smsd.conf. Check log files in /var/log/smsd.log.
  • If messages are failing with error CMS+500, put the SIM card in a command handset and check if you are able to send messages with the SIM card.
  • If the error is 13, this means that the SIM card is not working. Please refer to your carrier for support.
  • If you see failed messages with error “no destination”, change in /etc/smsd.conf :
    trust_outgoing=yes in no.
  • If you get insmod led.ko errors restarting SMS Daemon you can safely ignore it, these are just warnings.
  • If you want to disable one modem and use just one SIM card, comment with “#” in the /etc/smsd.conf file the following entries:
#GSMX (where X is the number of your modem)
#GSMX (where X is the number of your modem)

And remove the GSMX entry from devices list.
Restart the SMS Daemon to apply changes.

#2: Booting problems

  • Foxbox GT : launch fsck /dev/sda1 command and repair the filesystem (solves many issues on the EXT4 file system). You have to be connected with the DB9 serial cable, when password will be required for maintenance, type foxbox.
  • If you have trouble connecting your Foxbox with PuTTY and the DB9 serial cable, try to use 115200 bauds 8 bits N 1 parameters.

#3: Communication problems

  • EmailToSMS : in case of trouble, check from the Web interface if the SMS Gateway is ON, you can also check the mail process by typing in the console ps -ax | grep fetchmail.
  • When you are sending an SMS message through the Web interface, use phone numbers with the international prefix without the “+”.
  • We suggest you to use SIM cards not protected by a PIN code. In the opposit case, you have to edit the /etc/smsd.conf file (logged as root). Add a sharp (#) at the beginning of the line “pin=ignore”. Then add a line “pin=xxxx” where xxxx is the PIN code of the SIM.
  • If SMS Gateway function doesn’t filter your emails check /etc/.procmailrc file. Refer the online wiki for syntax and functions.

#4: Managing the Foxbox system

  • Blocking the reception of incoming messages : in the /etc/smsd.conf file, add the line “specify incoming = 0”. This way the Foxbox is unable to recieve incoming messages, but they are not blocked. You have to ask your SIM provider if you want to block the whole incoming traffic on your SIM card.
  • If you try to send a message through the API with a command line like:

You may have a bug that will open a popup asking you to enter your username and password. You can bypass this by adding “admin:admin@” as shown below :

  • If you want to remove any kind of authentication on sending API, open file /mnt/flash/root/send_sms.php and comment with “//” the “include (auth_01.php)” entry.

#5: Miscellaneous

  • The smsd process (SMS Daemon) is the process that enables the GSM communication. As it is a closed loop, this process is running all time (as the SMS services are enabled) and is using up to a whole CPU core (between 90 to 100% of the CPU core).
  • If a storage device on your Foxbox breaks and becomes unusable, please send us an email with the whole description of your product, OS version, software used, purchase date, etc.

This way, we will look in our database to provide you a download link of the more suitable OS/software you need to use your Foxbox system.

  • In the Foxbox GT Gateway system, SMS channels are independant. This way, you can configure channels independantly or not to manage data flows through your channels.

#6: Multi-SIM fix

:id1: This fix is detailed in the Foxbox GT Manual, and the Wiki page about it is available here.

This bug only occurs on Foxbox GT (regardless what version you use). Sometimes it appears that the system cannot map internal modems properly. The instructions given will help you to fix this bug.

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