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PRTG integration for SMS alerts

This article explains how to integrate a PRTG Network Monitor system with your FoxBox, in order to use it as an external SMS notification system.

#1: Installation on the FoxBox side

Your FoxBox is specifically designed for these kind of communication tasks, thus there is not much to do here except:

  • Providing a valid IP address, reachable from your monitoring server;
  • Inserting a tested and full working SIM card, to send the SMS.

#2: Installation on the Server side

From the PRTG web interface, select the menu SetupSystem AdministrationNotification Delivery Settings. Here, inside of the section SMS Delivery you have to specify this custom URL:


:id1: The URL parameters are the same of HTTP Get/Post API, except nphone and testo that will be automatically populated by the PRTG engine.

Once you have created this new notification channel, you need to enable the alerts for using it. Thus, from the menu SetupAccount SettingsNotifications click on the Add new notification button.
Once you have properly set up the required fields, from the section Send SMS/Pager Message you will be able to define the recipient phone number.

:id1: As usual, the number has to be written with the international prefix, and without the “+”.

The configuration is now complete. You can check it using the Test button next to your new SMS notification, which will send a test message to the phone number you just entered.

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