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How to manage arabian characters encoding

This article illustrates how to manage the Arabian characters' encoding inside of the messages of your FoxBox.

In order to correctly handle other alphabets on received SMS, you just have to modify the Eventhandler inserting these new rows:

#We are creating a Custom Action for incoming messages
if [ "$1" = "RECEIVED" ]; then
    #We check for the alphabet used, and we convert the message if we find the arabic one
    if sed -e '/^$/ q' < "$2" | grep "^Alphabet: UCS2" > /dev/null; then
        TMPFILE=`mktemp /tmp/smsd_XXXXXX`
        sed -e '/^$/ q' < "$2" | sed -e 's/Alphabet: UCS2/Alphabet: UTF-8/g' > $TMPFILE
        sed -e '1,/^$/ d' < "$2" | iconv -f UNICODEBIG -t UTF-8 >> $TMPFILE
        mv $TMPFILE "$2"
    #As usual, we later parse the message
    /etc/sms/scripts/parser.php $2

As a result the arabic characters will be recognized, properly handled and shown.

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