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Bugfix: Device unreachable after some time

Affected versions:
All the FoxBox belonging to G25 family and using the software releases D.1.0 or D.1.1.

As stated by hardware manufacturer, after a certain period it may happen that FoxBox becomes unreachable. This is due to a bug inside of the boot procedure v0.24.

To solve this problem, it is required to substitute the original version of the executable boot.bin with the newer v0.26 (downloadable here). This file is contained inside of the kernel partition, thus you will need to extract the internal microSD card following the procedure already explained here.

Moreover, you should extract the battery from the G25 board (upper-right corner), and leave it out for at least 5 minutes. Then, put again the battery in its original position.

:id1: For further checks, the dimension of the boot.bin v0.24 was 14068 bytes, while for the new v0.26 is 14088 bytes.

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