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 +===== Bugfix: Device unreachable after some time =====
 +**Affected versions:** \\ 
 +All the FoxBox belonging to G25 family and using the software releases D.1.0 or D.1.1.
 +**Description:​** \\ 
 +As stated by hardware manufacturer,​ after a certain period it may happen that FoxBox becomes unreachable. This is due to a bug inside of the boot procedure v0.24. ​
 +**Solution:​** \\ 
 +To solve this problem, it is required to substitute the original version of the executable //​boot.bin//​ with the newer v0.26 (downloadable [[http://​​FoxBoxRestore/​boot.bin|here]]). This file is contained inside of the //kernel// partition, thus you will need to extract the internal microSD card following the procedure already explained [[restore_g25|here]].
 +Moreover, you should extract the battery from the G25 board (upper-right corner), and leave it out for at least 5 minutes. Then, put again the battery in its original position.
 +:id1: For further checks, the dimension of the //​boot.bin//​ v0.24 was 14068 bytes, while for the new v0.26 is 14088 bytes.
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