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Sending messages to a CSV recipients list

This article explains how to send a bunch of SMS to a list of recipients, provided in CSV format.
This procedure is pretty simple, and it will allow you to copy&paste a list of numbers (separated by a certain symbol, by default is the ';') in the Web interface later sending the message to all of them.

Firstly you need to slightly modify the standard interface, in fact here we have a limit on the number of characters that you can insert and this prevents us from inserting the CSV list.

Now that the interface is ok, we need to modify the code that sends the SMS, so that it will be able to handle also this new feature. Please contact us and we will provide you all the needed files. Then, just substitute them to the original ones.

After this procedure you will be able to send multiple messages inserting into the “To:” field values like:


where the first two digits are the international prefix as usual. Obviously, you will still be able to send messages in the classic way.

:id1: If you need to change the default separator used in the CSV, you have to modify the two calls to strtok inside of the provided code.

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