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 +===== Sending messages to a CSV recipients list =====
 +This article explains how to send a bunch of SMS to a list of recipients, provided in CSV format.
 +\\ This procedure is pretty simple, and it will allow you to copy&​paste a list of numbers (separated by a certain symbol, by default is the ';'​) in the Web interface later sending the message to all of them.
 +Firstly you need to slightly modify the standard interface, in fact here we have a limit on the number of characters that you can insert and this prevents us from inserting the CSV list.
 +Now that the interface is ok, we need to modify the code that sends the SMS, so that it will be able to handle also this new feature. Please [[http://​​en/​contacts|contact us]] and we will provide you all the  needed files. Then, just substitute them to the original ones.
 +After this procedure you will be able to send multiple messages inserting into the "​To:"​ field values like:​\\ ​
 +001234567890;​009876543210;​001478523690... ​
 +where the first two digits are the international prefix as usual.
 +Obviously, you will still be able to send messages in the classic way.
 +:id1: If you need to change the default separator used in the CSV, you have to modify the two calls to //strtok// inside of the provided code.
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