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How to enable delivery notifications on sent messages

This article illustrates how to enable the Delivery Reports (DLR) on outgoing SMS.
These are particular messages that your air carrier will send you back to notify the delivery status of the SMS you just sent, and it is a very common feature if you need to be sure that it has reached the destination.

Firstly you will have to place the script, downloadable here, inside of the folder /etc/sms/scripts/ . Remember to make the file executable, giving it right permissions.
Moreover, you have to create a new folder in /mnt/flash/spool/ called report. Its permissions should be the same of the others in that position.

Then, the Eventhandler needs to be modified inserting these new rows:

if [ "$1" = "REPORT" ]; then 

Finally you have to edit the SMS engine configuration, in order to manage the DLRs. This is done by adding the middle lines between the two shown (that should be already present):

rtscts = no
report = yes
routed_status_report_cnma = no
cs_convert = yes

Just for FoxBox Racks, you have to add also the parameter:

init = AT+CNMI=2,2,2,1,0

The procedure is now complete. After a system reboot, each time you will send an SMS you should receive a notification message in the folder /mnt/flash/spool/report/ with the same name as the sent message. If this doesn't happen, probably the delivery failed.

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