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FoxBox GT Version A.2.0

This article explains how to update your FoxBox GT (hardware version 1) to the Software version A.2.0

Version A.2.0

  • Zeroconf (bonjour) access function.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Software update instructions

1) Connect to FoxBox via SSH (user: root - password: foxbox).
2) Once you have successfully logged, execute these commands:

dpkg -i linux-image-4.1.36-foxboxgt2-voyage_3.0newconf_amd64.deb

3) Wait for the machine to come back. Congratulations, your FoxBox GT is now updated!

Bonjour (Zeroconf) usage

To know how to use Bonjour on your FoxBox GT please visit this page:
How to access your machine trough "Bonjour" (Zeroconf)

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