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Forwarding emails via SMS to a group of recipients

This guide illustrates how to forward an email to a group of SMS recipients, previously defined in FoxBox address book, using the SMS gateway.

Note that to use this plugin you will need to download and install the package sqlite, launching from terminal these commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install sqlite

The first step is to place the script email2smsgrp, downloadable here, inside of the folder /etc/sms/scripts/ . Remember to make it executable, giving it right permissions.

Then you have to replace the link to the older script in /etc/.procmailrc with the new one:

Original: /etc/sms/scripts/email2sms
Modified: /etc/sms/scripts/email2smsgrp

Finally, you have to create the files needed by the script (giving them right permissions) using the commands:

touch /var/log/iterator.txt 
touch /var/log/numbers.txt

To complete the installation, reboot the device.

Now, every time you will send an email like the one in the example below, it will be automatically forwarded via SMS to all the recipients belonging to that group:



   Text of the message 

:id1: Remember to activate the “SMS gateway” from the Control Panel.

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