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FoxBox MINI Restore and Update

This article explains how to restore or update the software of your FoxBox MINI (hardware version 01) to the last release.

:id1: Note: you can find all the informations regarding the FoxBox MINI software version at the page: FoxBox MINI changelog.

#0: Requirements

In order to follow this guide you need just:

  • a FoxBox MINI;
  • a PC with Linux installed;
  • a microSD reader linked to your PC;
  • a Philips (Cross) screwdriver.

#1: Reach the internal microSD

With the screwdriver extract the two screws from the back panel, and after having took off the panel and the electronic board, extract the microSD card by gently releasing the lock mechanism. See this image for its position:

#2: Insert the microSD into your card reader

Using a common Linux distribution, the two internal partitions (kernel, rootfs) will be automatically mounted and shown. Their addresses into your PC's filesystem are:

  • /media/kernel
  • /media/rootfs

#3: Backup your relevant data

To backup all your data (es. Address book, incoming/outgoing SMS, users, settings, etc.) you need to backup just one file:

Obviously, after the restore you just need to copy back this file to the original folder.

#4: Execute the software restore or update

:!: This step will restore the filesystems, formatting the partitions. So before doing it please verify that you have saved all your data in the previous step. If not, they will be lost.

1) Firstly you have to format properly the microSD card. Usually, we do it with GParted (available on official repository) following this structure (we assume the usage of a 32GB microSD card:

Label Filesystem Dimension (MB)
kernel FAT16 128
rootfs ext4 16000
Unused space

2) Then you have to download the required files on your Linux PC. They are:

3) Unzip the file and copy the files in the kernel partition (FAT16) of your SD card.

4) Copy rootfs.tar.gz in your home directory and launch this command:

sudo tar xvpSf /home/<youruser>/rootfs.tar.gz -C /media/rootfs 

:id1: /media/rootfs is the mount point of the roots partition.

5) Wait for the end of the procedure and then unmount the microSD card from your PC.

#5: Reinsert the microSD

Just follow backwards the steps you made during phase 1 to reach the internal microSD.

#6: Your FoxBox is back!

Congratulations, your FoxBox MINI is now restored or updated!

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