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Remote IP address discovery

This article illustrates how to remotely discover the IP address of the FoxBox, using a common mobile phone and its internal SIM. It is particularly useful every time this information is forgotten, or incorrectly typed thus losing the connection to the device, and it doesn't require to use the serial port or extracting the internal card.

:!: In order to have a lightweight system, by default this feature is not installed.

First of all, you need to add these new lines to the EventHandler:

#KDEV extra: SMS for IP discovery  
if [ "$1" = "RECEIVED" ]; then
    /mnt/flash/root/source/custom/IP_discovery "$2"  

Then you have to place the new script (available here) in the folder /mnt/flash/root/source/custom/ , giving it the right permissions.

The last thing to do is to define the personal Verification Code, that will be searched inside the received messages in order to return the IP address when required.
:id1: It is highly recommended to change the default code with a personal one, for security reasons.

At this point, everytime an SMS containing the Validation Code will be sent to the FoxBox, the device will automatically answer to the sender number with a message containing its current IP address.

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