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 +===== Remote IP address discovery =====
 +This article illustrates how to remotely discover the IP address of the FoxBox, using a common mobile phone and its internal SIM. It is particularly useful every time this information is forgotten, or incorrectly typed thus losing the connection to the device, and it doesn'​t require to use the serial port or extracting the internal card. 
 +:!: In order to have a lightweight system, by default this feature is not installed.
 +First of all, you need to add these new lines to the EventHandler:​
 +#KDEV extra: SMS for IP discovery  ​
 +if [ "​$1"​ = "​RECEIVED"​ ]; then
 +    /​mnt/​flash/​root/​source/​custom/​IP_discovery "​$2"  ​
 +Then you have to place the new script (available [[http://​​fb/​|here]]) in the folder// /​mnt/​flash/​root/​source/​custom/​ //, giving it the right permissions.
 +The last thing to do is to define the personal Verification Code, that will be searched inside the received messages in order to return the IP address when required.
 +\\ :id1: It is highly recommended to change the default code with a personal one, for security reasons.
 +At this point, everytime an SMS containing the Validation Code will be sent to the FoxBox, the device will automatically answer to the sender number with a message containing its current IP address. ​
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