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FoxBox LX800 restore procedure

This article explains the restore procedure for the Foxbox LX800 internal CompactFlash.

#0: Requirements

In order to follow this guide you need just:

  • a FoxBox LX800
  • a PC with Linux installed (here will be used an Ubuntu distribution);
  • a card reader linked to your pc;
  • a Phillips (Cross) screwdriver.

#1: Reach the internal CompactFlash

With the screwdriver extract the four screws from the sides, and after having took off the electronic board, extract the CompactFlash. See this image for its position:

#2: Insert the CompactFlash into your card reader

Using a common Linux distribution, the single internal partition will be automatically mounted and shown. You can find it into your PC's filesystem inside of the folder /media/ .

#3: Backup your relevant data

:!: Below there is a list of most commonly saved files, anyway please remember to save all of your other custom configurations, changes to the GUI, etc.

To save the “Address book”, backup the file:

To save the “Incoming SMS” list, backup the file:

To save the “Outgoing SMS” list, backup the file:

To save the “Valid users” list, backup the file:

Obviously, after the restore you just need to copy back these files to the original folder.

#4: Start the software restore

:!: This step will restore the filesystems, formatting the partitions.

Contact us here for further informations regarding this part of the procedure.

#4: Reinsert the CompactFlash

Just follow backwards the steps you made during phase 1 to reach the internal card.

#5: Your FoxBox is back!

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