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USA and Japan GSM network reconfiguration

The FoxBox G20 internal modem can communicate with all the mobile phone networks.
By default it is configured for European frequencies, thus for USA, Japan and other countries using different standards you will have to change it in order to select the correct bandwidth ranges.

To perform this modification, you can launch the command:

AT#BND=<band selection>

from the Web GUI, selecting the Modem interface under the menu Control Panel. Remember to confirm the operation clicking on the Launch button.

:id1: This reconfiguration can take up to 5 minutes, and after that your device will be ready.

The available <band selection> values are:

"0" = GSM 900MHz + DCS 1800MHz  
"1" = GSM 900MHz + PCS 1900MHz  
"2" = GMS 850MHz + PCS 1800MHz (available only on quadri-band modules) 
"3" = GMS 850MHz + PCS 1900MHz (available only on quadri-band modules) 

:id1: For USA and Japan, the correct value is “3”.

This settings are maintained even after power off. Thus, you will need to perform the reconfiguration just once, during the first installation.

:id1: If the parameter <band selection> is omitted, the command will print the current settings.

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