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 +===== USA and Japan GSM network reconfiguration =====
 +The FoxBox G20 internal modem can communicate with all the mobile phone networks.
 +\\ By default it is configured for European frequencies,​ thus for USA, Japan and other countries using different standards you will have to change it in order to select the correct bandwidth ranges.
 +\\ To perform this modification,​ you can launch the command:
 +AT#​BND=<​band selection>​
 +from the Web GUI, selecting the //Modem interface// under the menu //Control Panel//. Remember to confirm the operation clicking on the //Launch// button.
 +:id1: This reconfiguration can take up to 5 minutes, and after that your device will be ready.
 +The available //<band selection>//​ values are:
 +"​0"​ = GSM 900MHz + DCS 1800MHz  ​
 +"​1"​ = GSM 900MHz + PCS 1900MHz  ​
 +"​2"​ = GMS 850MHz + PCS 1800MHz (available only on quadri-band modules) ​
 +"​3"​ = GMS 850MHz + PCS 1900MHz (available only on quadri-band modules) ​
 +:id1: For USA and Japan, the correct value is "​3"​.
 +This settings are maintained even after power off. Thus, you will need to perform the reconfiguration just once, during the first installation. ​
 +:id1: If the parameter <band selection>​ is omitted, the command will print the current settings.
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