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Zabbix integration for SMS alerts

This article explains how to integrate a Zabbix network monitoring system with your FoxBox, in order to use it as an external SMS notification system.

#1: Installation on the FoxBox side

Your FoxBox is specifically designed for these kind of communication tasks, thus there is not much to do here except:

  • Providing a valid IP address, reachable from your monitoring server;
  • Inserting a tested and full working SIM card, to send the SMS.

#2: Installation on the Server side

First of all you have to download the script to enable SMS notifications, available here.
Before installing it, you have to edit these lines inserting your specific values:

//Set the following three values:
$foxbox_ip = "";
$login = "user";
$password = "password";

This script, with right permissions in order to allow the Zabbix user executing it, has to be placed inside of the directory /etc/zabbix/alert.d/ .

At this point you can already verify the behavior of the script, launching this command:

/etc/zabbix/alert.d/cli_foxbox.php 391234567890 "Test message"

The last step is enabling this new notification channel from inside the Zabbix system. First of all you need to register the new script, selecting Create Media Type from the menu AdministrationMedia Types with these parameters:

Description: FoxBox
Type: Script
Script name: /etc/zabbix/alert.d/cli_foxbox.php

Now, from the menu AdministrationUsers select an existing user and assign it the FoxBox notification channel adding a new media. The configuration is now complete.

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