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 +===== Zabbix integration for SMS alerts =====
 +This article explains how to integrate a Zabbix network monitoring system with your FoxBox, in order to use it as an external SMS notification system. ​
 +=== #1: Installation on the FoxBox side ===
 +Your FoxBox is specifically designed for these kind of communication tasks, thus there is not much to do here except:
 +  * Providing a valid IP address, reachable from your monitoring server;
 +  * Inserting a tested and full working SIM card, to send the SMS.
 +=== #2: Installation on the Server side ===
 +First of all you have to download the script to enable SMS notifications,​ available [[http://​​cli_foxbox.tar.bz2|here]]. \\ 
 +Before installing it, you have to edit these lines inserting your specific values:
 +//Set the following three values:
 +$foxbox_ip = "​";​
 +$login = "​user";​
 +$password = "​password";​
 +This script, with right permissions in order to allow the Zabbix user executing it, has to be placed inside of the directory// /​etc/​zabbix/​alert.d/​ //. 
 +At this point you can already verify the behavior of the script, launching this command:
 +/​etc/​zabbix/​alert.d/​cli_foxbox.php 391234567890 "Test message"​
 +The last step is enabling this new notification channel from inside the Zabbix system. First of all you need to register the new script, selecting //Create Media Type// from the menu //​Administration//​ -> //Media Types// with these parameters:
 +Description:​ FoxBox
 +Type: Script
 +Script name: /​etc/​zabbix/​alert.d/​cli_foxbox.php
 +Now, from the menu //​Administration//​ -> //Users// select an existing user and assign it the //FoxBox// notification channel adding a new media. The configuration is now complete.
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