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This is a quick comparison between FoxBox LX800 and FoxBox GT.

LX800 family

GT family


x86 32bit @500MHz
AMD Geode LX8005

x86 64bit @1GHz dual Bobcat core
AMD G series T40E

Internal memory (RAM)


4GB DDR3-1066 DRAM


CompactFlash 4GB

Ultra fast solid state disk (SSD) mSATA 16 GB

GSM Modem

1 Novatel module quad-band

2 Quad band internal GSM modem;

Number of modems

1 - 64

2 - 64

LCD display


Yes, external
(showing useful informations,ex. CPU load, IP address, temperature)


2x USB 2.0
2x LAN Ethernet
1x SMA conn
1x Serial

2x external USB 2.0
2x internal USB 2.0
3x Gigabit LAN Ethernet
2x SMA conn
1 Extra SD card slot for backup and storage expansion
SATA BUS for hard disk connection
1x DB9 Serial debug port

Transmission rate

Incoming: up to 30 sms/min
Outgoing: up to 20 sms/min
Incoming: up to 120 sms/min
Outgoing: up to 100 sms/min

Operating system

Voyage 0.8 (Debian 6.0) + FoxBox tools

Debian Voyage 3.10.11 x86 64 BIT + FoxBox tools + PlaySMS interface

Web server


Apache2 with HTTPS SSL

Internal clock

Yes, NTP only. Yes, with internal battery + NTP support

On board buzzer

No Yes

Physical dimensions

150x150x25 mm

152x152x25 mm

Case material

Anodized aluminium

Anodized aluminium