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A complete system for a direct connection to external SMS gateways

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-peer Protocol) is the most famous protocol for communications between message centres. Using this you will be able to route your bulk messages directly to your SMS gateway (mBlox, AMD Telecom, MobIT, Clickatell, etc.) from the Internet, without using SIM cards and independently from air carriers, thus reducing costs while greatly increasing the transmission rates (both on incoming and outgoing channels). This opportunity motivated the development of a specific FoxBox device, internally based on Kannel, that can be easily integrated in every IT infrastructure making available this communication channel.

Main hardware features

  • AMD A4-4000 3,2GHz DualCore CPU;
  • 2GB of RAM DIMM;
  • Hard disk 500GB S-ATA;
  • Internal clock with NTP support;
  • Six USB 2.0 ports;
  • A LAN Gigabit port;
  • VGA video connector;
  • DVD drive for installations and backups;

Main software features

  • Debian Linux OS (ver. Wheezy);
  • Apache2 and Lighttpdembedded web servers;
  • SQLite3 and MySQL embedded database servers;
  • Kannel embedded SMPP server;
  • Two fully featured Web Interfaces for device and SMS flows management;
  • All pages customizable with XSL and CSS;
  • Evoluted massive sending methods using CSV,lists, ecc.;
  • EMAILtoSMS and SMStoEMAIL gateway;
  • Fully customizable software using PHP, Perl, C, Bash, ecc.;
  • Expandable set of gateway functions;
  • ODBC compliant, to easily access internal database.

SMPP FoxBox is a Linux-based server acting as the enabling technology for a direct interaction with your SMS gateway. This will allow you to manage a wide number of massive SMS campaigns, on fully independent logic channels, reaching transmission rates impossible for common devices based on SIM cards. Once put in your IT infrastructure, this device acts as a web server providing an ad-hoc web interface to manage your communications.

Moreover, this version can also:

  • Provide advanced tools, like time-scheduled sendings and auto-replies;
  • Operate as a gateway, to integrate all the messaging channels available with mail servers, FTP clients, Sql servers, other applications (desktop or network), and so on;
  • Work as a monitoring server with our official Nagios plugin (available for free here), using one of these modems for a dedicated system to collect all the alerts and instantaneously send them via SMS or email to contacts you defined in configuration;
  • More generally, this device is perfectly suitable for every application that requires a fast and safe message flow management, in both the directions (incoming or outgoing) exactly like other FoxBox versions, but with transmission rates and costs per message unreachable by them.

FoxBox GUI features

  • Advanced Kannel server configuration;
  • SMS campaigns management;
  • Advanced phonebook management (groups, CSV imports, ...);
  • Easy system configuration;
  • System logs and DBMS interface.

Gateway features

  • SMS to/from email;
  • SMS to/from MySQL;
  • SMS to/from web script (PHP, ASP, JSP, ecc.);
  • SMS to/from Microsoft Outlook;
  • SMS to/from Microsft Access;
  • SMS to/from Macromedia Flash animation;
  • SMS to/from desktop Widgets (MAC X OS, Windows, Linux);
  • SMS to/from Postfix.

Application fields

Thanks to its features the SMPP FoxBox is suitable for:

  • Massive mobile marketing campaigns (when allowed by local policy and rules of the MNO or MVNO and telecom regulation agencies);
  • Crew or fleet management, fastly exchanging informations with travelling workers;
  • Massive SMS campaigns to a distribution list (SMS letters), with statistics and surveys through real time reports;
  • News and feedback sendings;
  • SMS as input for a web order-processing system;
  • Corporate SMS, like requests of informations or reports receivable via SMS.

Plus the services offered as gateway:

  • Needing of deliver incoming SMS to mailboxes to read them, to store them, to make some processing, and so on;
  • Needing of forward emails to a mobile phone via SMS to reach remote operators (maybe following some particular logic).

And if you integrate Nagios Core you will have also:

  • Realtime control over all the hosts and services of the core business;
  • Remote network devices monitoring, needing just a mobile phone to receive alerts when something goes wrong;
  • Devices management through a common SIM card.

Nagios plugin repository

You can add more plugins downloading them from Official Nagios website;