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Messaging & gateway system - SMS and Whatsapp™
FoxBox IQ

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A tiny yet powerful web server for SMS and instant messaging Whatsapp™ like management

FoxBox IQ merge the best of instant messaging and SMS messaging in a complete solution for your datacenter.

A general purpose Linux server similar to the SMS/MMS version of the LX800 family, but really more powerful and with triple LAN Ethernet port. It provides advanced SMS (and optionally MMS) messaging services (either stand-alone or integrated with other applications), SMS/MMS to EMAIL or TCP/IP gateway features, monitoring solutions and much more (include custom developments, aided by our Support Team).

With FoxBox IQ you can use your Whatsapp™ ID registered by the SIM onboard. By this way you can handle inbound and outbound Whatsapp™ messages and SMS messages. FoxBox IQ include all features of FoxBox GT.

Explore all the FoxBox GT capabilities on our FoxBox Documentation Wiki.

Do you need to increase your communication potential?
Combining FoxBox GT with FoxBox Rack will allow you to send massive flows of SMS, MMS or DATA in the easiest way ever!

Main hardware features

  • 100% solid state hardware in just 152x152x25mm;
  • AMD Embedded G series GX-412TC, 1 GHz quad Jaguar core with 64 bit and AES-NI support, 32K data + 32K instruction cache per core, shared 2MB L2 cache;
  • 2 GB DDR3-1333 DRAM;
  • Ultra fast SD card 32 GB;
  • SATA BUS for hard disk connection;
  • Two Quad band internal modem (HSPA+/UMTS dual-band 900/2100 MHz. GSM/GPRS quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz);
  • SMS communications using a common SIM card;
  • Incoming transmission rate up to 120 SMS/min;
  • Outgoing transmission rate up to 100 SMS/min;
  • DB9 Serial debug port embedded;
  • Two external + two internal 3.0 USB ports, three front panel LEDs;
  • Three Gigabit LAN Ethernet ports for an higher reliability;
  • Internal clock with battery, plus NTP support;
  • On board buzzer;
  • Really high computational power with low energy consumes;
  • Noisless, thanks to its passive cooling system (from the CPU to the enclosure using a 3 mm alu heat spreader).

Main software features

  • Linux Debian Voyage OS kernel 3.10.11 x86 64 BIT GNU/Linux;
  • Apache2 embedded web server;
  • Apache2 embedded web server with HTTPS SSL;
  • SQLite embedded database server;
  • Postfix embedded mail server;
  • Fully featured Web Interface for device management;
  • PlaySMS compatible and pre-installed pre-configured, with new multi-language user interface;
  • Integrated Whatsapp™ message management fully compatible with event handler by the use of YowsupLicence GPLv3;
  • All pages customizable with XSL and CSS;
  • Multi-user interface and messaging;
  • EMAILtoSMS and SMStoEMAIL gateway;
  • Fully customizable software using PHP, Perl, C, Bash, ecc.;
  • Expandable set of gateway functions;
  • MYSQL client for database submissions;
  • ODBC compliant, to easily access internal database;
  • MMS optional integration.

Gateway FoxBox GT is a compact and low cost hardware gateway to send and receive SMS or MMS (reception only) messages using a commercial SIM card.

Once put in your IT infrastructure with a small effort, it acts as a web server with a fully featured web interface to manage its messaging capabilities.

Moreover, Gateway FoxBox GT can also:

  • Provide advanced tools, like time-scheduled sendings and auto-replies;
  • Operate as a gateway, to integrate all the messaging channels available with mail servers, FTP clients, Sql servers, other applications (desktop or network), and so on;
  • Work as a monitoring server with our official Nagios plugin (available for free here), using it as a dedicated system to collect all the alerts and instantaneously send them via SMS or email to contacts you defined in configuration;
  • More generally, this device is perfectly suitable for every application that requires a fast and safe message flow management, in both the directions (incoming or outgoing).

FoxBox GUI features

  • Complete SMS management through the new PlaySMS web interface;
  • Read SMS/MMS and write SMS;
  • Polls on incoming SMS texts (to perform contents analysis);
  • Advanced phonebook management (groups, CSV imports, ecc.);
  • Advanced multi-user management (with personal queues);
  • SMS messages broadcasting;
  • SMS quiz;
  • SMS Templates;
  • Delivery reports with csv export feature;
  • Easy system configuration;
  • Integrated editor for custom scripts to process messages;
  • System logs and DBMS interface.

Gateway features

  • SMS/MMS to/from email;
  • SMS/MMS to/from MySQL;
  • SMS/MMS to/from web script (PHP, ASP, JSP, ecc.);
  • SMS/MMS to/from Microsoft Outlook;
  • SMS/MMS to/from Microsft Access;
  • SMS/MMS to/from Macromedia Flash animation;
  • SMS/MMS to/from desktop Widgets (MAC X OS, Windows, Linux);
  • SMS/MMS to/from Postfix.

Application fields

Thanks to its features Gateway FoxBox GT is suitable for:

  • Mobile marketing campaigns (when allowed by local policy and rules of the MNO or MVNO and telecom regulation agencies);
  • Crew or fleet management, fastly exchanging informations with travelling workers;
  • Radio or TV shows with live interaction with the audience through SMS and MMS;
  • Advanced SMS services, sending and receiving SMS from a web interface and/or mailbox;
  • Massive SMS campaigns to a distribution list (SMS letters), with statistics and surveys through real time reports;
  • News and feedback sendings;
  • SMS or MMS as input for a web order-processing system;
  • Corporate SMS, like requests of informations or reports receivable via SMS or MMS;
  • Creation of dynamic websites, populated with photos and comments coming from user's mobile phones without mobile phone configurations;
  • Collection of graphical contents with MMS management.

Plus the services offered as gateway:

  • Needing of deliver incoming SMS to mailboxes to read them, to store them, to make some processing, and so on;
  • Needing of forward emails to a mobile phone via SMS to reach remote operators (maybe following some particular logic).

And if you integrate Nagios Core you will have also:

  • Realtime control over all the hosts and services of the core business;
  • Remote network devices monitoring, needing just a mobile phone to receive alerts when something goes wrong;
  • Devices management through a common SIM card.


This software allows companies to reach their clients more efficiently and always within the law . If you plan to use this software for bulk sending or spamming, you would better desist. That is not its purpose, it will not work and we will block your account immediately.

We like WhatsApp and the other instant message applications, we want it to be as free of spam as possible. "WhatsApp" is a registered trademark of Whatsapp™ Inc.

This software is not supported or endorsed in any way by the service providers it interoperates with. It neither tries to mimic or replace any software originally conceived by those services' owners.

In the same manner, any third party's trademark or intellectual property that may appear in this software must be understood as a strictly illustrative reference to the service provider it represents, and will never be used in any way that may lead to confusion, so no abuse is intended. By using this software and other instant messaging services, you are accepting WhatsApp's Terms of Use and other instant messaging client.

We consider some of those terms rather abusive, but nevertheless we strongly believe some others are quite fair as they seek to ensure a balance between individuals and companies using their service. Those "fair use" terms are:

  • Never share illegal or offensive content.
  • Never send too many more messages than a human being could in the same period of time.
  • Try not to send messages to people who doesn't have your number in their phone list or have never sent you a message.

If you infringe those terms, you are risking to be banned from the WhatsApp service without any right to be compensated by us. By using this software, you recognize it is a mere tool for accessing the WhatsApp service, just like any smartphone or operating system that you can use for the same purpose. You declare completely responsible for the actions you take and discharge us from any resposability derived from such usage.

If you keep using this software and start to pay for it, you will not be charged for accessing the WhatsApp platform but for the costs of mantaining the service and our dedicated support. According to Sec. 103(f) of the DMCA and Article 6 of the 1991 EU Computer Programs Directive, any technological measures circumvention that might be carried out for the creation of this software is totally legitimate as its purpose is "enabling interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs" and is "indispensable to obtain the necessary infor­mation to achieve the interoperability of an indepen­dently created program with other programs [...] to make it possible to connect all components of a computer system, including those of different manufacturers, so that they can work together".