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Spare Parts Kits

Original, high-quality FoxBox components for on-site maintenance.
Spare Parts Kits
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First-response kit for hardware and software maintenance.

The Spare Parts Kit contain all components that are recommended for basic on-site hardware and software maintenance of your FoxBox machine.

IMPORTANT: these kits are intended to provide just some replacements parts: you also need a complete product in order to obtain a working machine.
So these kits will be shipped only when ordered in combination with a FoxBox machine, or when a previous Order/Invoice number is given, also to ensure a proper kit preparation.

The SMS FoxBox machines adopt the state-of-the-art in components quality and reliability, and all our products are carefully tested prior to shipping; despite this some hardware or software failure can occour over time, due to a multitude of reasons.
The Spare Parts kits Includes the necessary parts to keep your FoxBox like its new, allowing you to fast restart your machine in the event of an hardware or software failure.

Kits description

Select the desired kit by the "Choose your Model" options, located under the price value.
Note: the "LX800 / 8Pool" option is suitable for the LX800 Gateway, Monitoring and Multi16 versions, and for the 8Pool machine.

The table below show which components are includes in each spare parts kit.

Kit version

Components included


1 IQ mainboard / 1 internal Modem / 1 SD card * / 1 power supply


1 GT2 mainboard / 1 internal Modem / 1 SD card * / 1 power supply


1 GT2-S mainboard / 1 internal Modem / 1 SSD disk * / 1 power supply

GT Rackable

1 GT Rack. mainboard / 1 internal Modem / 1 MicroSD card *


1 MINI mainboard / 1 internal Modem / 1 MicroSD card * / 1 power supply

LX800 / 8Pool

1 LX800 mainboard / 1 internal Modem / 1 Compact Flash card * / 1 power supply

* the solid state memory units contains the last version of the operating systems.

Do you need a custom kit? Please submit us your request trough our Contact form!