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SMS FoxBox Systems

Powerful and tiny Linux servers for messaging & monitoring

FoxBox use a commercial SIM card

FoxBox is a tiny Linux-based gateway to send and receive SMS/MMS messages using a commercial SIM card from Web, mail servers, widgets, desktop or network applications.

SMS FoxBox includes a GSM modem, a MicroSD or CompactFlash memory card to store the messages (up to 3 million with the default 4 GByte card) and a Web Server to manage the SMS queues by means of an easy to use Web interface.

SMS FoxBox can also operate as an SMS to email or TCP/IP gateway, to integrate a wide range of network and desktop applications with the SMS messaging.

Documentation Wiki

Inside the Wiki you will find all the updates, the plugins, the widgets and the bug-fixes for every FoxBox.

Thanks to its features SMS FoxBox is suitable for mobile marketing campaigns, crew or fleet management, Radio or TV shows with live interaction with the audience through SMS and MMS, advanced SMS services, massive SMS campaigns to a distribution list, statistics and surveys through real time reports, creation of dynamic websites, ecc.

Plus the services offered as gateway: needing of deliver incoming SMS to mailboxes to read, store and processing them; needing of forward emails to a mobile phone via SMS to reach remote operators.

And if you integrate Nagios Core you will have also realtime control over your hosts and services, remote network devices monitoring (with alerts on your phone), remote devices management through a common SIM card.

SMS FoxBox integrates

  • Nagios on FoxBox
  • Icinga on FoxBox
  • Zabbix on FoxBox
  • Paessler PRTG on FoxBox
  • Kannel on FoxBox
  • Postfix on FoxBox
  • Debian on FoxBox
  • Apache on FoxBox
  • MySQL on FoxBox
  • Lighttpd on FoxBox
  • SQLite on FoxBox
  • GSM technology on FoxBox