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Cost effective and powerfull Hardware SMS Gateway
FoxBox Mini
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MultiSIM Tech Tiny Hardware SMS Gateway

A general purpose Linux server similar to the GT machine but really tiny, cost effective and with double SIM card slot!

It provides advanced SMS messaging services (either stand-alone or integrated with other applications), SMS to EMAIL or TCP/IP gateway features, monitoring solutions and much more (include custom developments, aided by our Support Team).


Main hardware features

  • 100% solid state hardware in just 120x80x23mm;
  • ARM9 @ 400Mhz on Atmel AT91SAM9G25 SoC
  • 256 MByte DDR2 RAM
  • Double SIM card slot;
  • Micro SD card slot;
  • One Quad band internal modem (HSPA+/UMTS dual-band 900/2100 MHz. GSM/GPRS quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz);
  • SMS communications using a common SIM card;
  • One external Micro USB port for machine powering;
  • One external USB ports, three front panel bright-white LEDs;
  • One Gigabit LAN Ethernet ports for an higher reliability;
  • High computational power with really low energy consumes;
  • Noisless, thanks to its passive cooling system.

Main software features

  • Linux Debian Voyage OS GNU/Linux;
  • Apache2 embedded web server;
  • Apache2 embedded web server with HTTPS SSL;
  • SQLite embedded database server;
  • Postfix embedded mail server;
  • Fully featured Web Interface for device management;
  • PlaySMS compatible and pre-installed pre-configured, with new multi-language user interface;
  • All pages customizable with XSL and CSS;
  • Multi-user interface and messaging;
  • EMAILtoSMS and SMStoEMAIL gateway;
  • Fully customizable software using PHP, Perl, C, Bash, ecc.;
  • Expandable set of gateway functions;
  • MYSQL client for database submissions;
  • ODBC compliant, to easily access internal database;

Gateway FoxBox Mini is a compact and low cost hardware gateway to send and receive SMS messages using a commercial SIM card.

Once put in your IT infrastructure with a small effort, it acts as a web server with a fully featured web interface to manage its messaging capabilities.

Moreover, FoxBox Mini can also:

  • Provide advanced tools, like time-scheduled sendings and auto-replies;
  • Operate as a gateway, to integrate all the messaging channels available with mail servers, FTP clients, Sql servers, other applications (desktop or network), and so on;
  • More generally, this device is perfectly suitable for every application that requires a fast and safe message flow management, in both the directions (incoming or outgoing).

FoxBox GUI features

  • Complete SMS management through the new PlaySMS web interface;
  • Read SMS and write SMS;
  • Polls on incoming SMS texts (to perform contents analysis);
  • Advanced phonebook management (groups, CSV imports, ecc.);
  • Advanced multi-user management (with personal queues);
  • SMS messages broadcasting;
  • SMS quiz;
  • SMS Templates;
  • Delivery reports with csv export feature;
  • Easy system configuration;
  • Integrated editor for custom scripts to process messages;
  • System logs and DBMS interface.

Gateway features

  • SMS to/from email;
  • SMS to/from MySQL;
  • SMS to/from web script (PHP, ASP, JSP, ecc.);
  • SMS to/from Microsoft Outlook;
  • SMS to/from Microsft Access;
  • SMS to/from Macromedia Flash animation;
  • SMS to/from desktop Widgets (MAC X OS, Windows, Linux);
  • SMS to/from Postfix.

Application fields

Thanks to its features Gateway FoxBox Mini is suitable for:

  • Mobile marketing campaigns (when allowed by local policy and rules of the MNO or MVNO and telecom regulation agencies);
  • Crew or fleet management, fastly exchanging informations with travelling workers;
  • Radio or TV shows with live interaction with the audience through SMS;
  • Advanced SMS services, sending and receiving SMS from a web interface and/or mailbox;
  • Massive SMS campaigns to a distribution list (SMS letters), with statistics and surveys through real time reports;
  • News and feedback sendings;
  • SMS as input for a web order-processing system;
  • Corporate SMS, like requests of informations or reports receivable via SMS;
  • Creation of dynamic websites, populated with photos and comments coming from user's mobile phones without mobile phone configurations;

Plus the services offered as gateway:

  • Needing of deliver incoming SMS to mailboxes to read them, to store them, to make some processing, and so on;
  • Needing of forward emails to a mobile phone via SMS to reach remote operators (maybe following some particular logic).