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SMS FoxBox Systems

Powerful and tiny Linux servers for messaging & monitoring

FoxBox use a commercial SIM card

FoxBox is a tiny Linux-based gateway to send and receive SMS/MMS messages using a commercial SIM card from Web, mail servers, widgets, desktop or network applications.

SMS FoxBox includes a GSM modem, a MicroSD or CompactFlash memory card to store the messages (up to 3 million with the default 4 GByte card) and a Web Server to manage the SMS queues by means of an easy to use Web interface.

SMS FoxBox can also operate as an SMS to email or TCP/IP gateway, to integrate a wide range of network and desktop applications with the SMS messaging.

Documentation Wiki

Inside the Wiki you will find all the updates, the plugins, the widgets and the bug-fixes for every FoxBox.

FoxBox Mini, the DUAL SIM Hardware SMS Gateway!

FoxBox mini is an affordable hardware SMS gateway that packs all feature of mobile network communication platform into a 120x80x23mm rock solid state embedded linux appliance. Just connect it to your LAN network, and you’re ready to join the mobile world.

SMS FoxBox integrates

  • Nagios on FoxBox
  • Icinga on FoxBox
  • Zabbix on FoxBox
  • Paessler PRTG on FoxBox
  • Kannel on FoxBox
  • Postfix on FoxBox
  • Debian on FoxBox
  • Apache on FoxBox
  • MySQL on FoxBox
  • Lighttpd on FoxBox
  • SQLite on FoxBox
  • GSM technology on FoxBox